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The Wires Communi🍵 🏛️DC Howard University’s Student Association Elects First Transwoman President. On TDOV (March 31st), Jay Jones, a three-time campaign winner, was elected as the President of Howard

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Howard University’s Student Association Elects First Transwoman President.

Via Jay Jones IG

On TDOV (March 31st), Jay Jones, a three-time campaign winner, was elected as the President of Howard University's Student Association (HUSA). She is the first transwoman to hold this position and the first trans person period. This is a momentous occasion and congratulations are in order! It is heartening to see the progress being made toward inclusivity and visibility on HBCU campuses, with Jay Jones and Malay Simmons (Johnson C. Smith University) becoming the first trans-HBCU Queen. Congratulations to Jay and Malay!


The Supreme Court Ruled In Favor Of Idaho’s Ban On Gender-affirming Care For Youth.

Idaho recently passed a law banning gender-affirming healthcare, making it the 24th state in the US to do so. Imagine a future where half of the country's states have laws that make your existence illegal. Is this familiar? Did you ever expect to see this on your Bingo card in 2024?

The Supreme Court Intervened On Gender-Affirming Care Ban For The First Time — And There’s Reason For Alarm
The decision has had immediate impact for families in Idaho, who are now left scrambling to figure out how to help their children receive care.


NMAC’s Biomedical HIV Prevention Summit Ramps Up For PreP, PeP, And Doxy- PeP.

Join the Biomedical Summit to connect with other HIV researchers, community advocates, and providers and get updates on the progress towards ending HIV by 2030.

Biomedical HIV Prevention Summit

This Family Reunion Is Because Of The Work. BTAC Set To Launch 11th Annual Advocacy Conference Late April.

Via BTAC Facebook

If you are interested in starting your advocacy work, check out BTAC. This community is perfect for meeting like-minded individuals who live unapologetically. Click below to register and join a space that's inclusive for everyone who wants better for the Trans community. BTAC is known for doing an excellent job of bringing people together.

Register Here


Domonique Morgan To Be Recognized As Inaugural Trans Honoree.

11th Annual Life Styled Honors To Recognize First Transgender Recipient Among 2024 Honorees
Life Styled Honors will recognize four “She is HER” recipients and Dominque Morgan will become the event’s first transgender honoree.

New York

NYC Pride Announces 2024 Grand Marshals.

NYC Pride has recently announced the three Grand Marshals for their upcoming 2024 Pride March, which is set to take place on Sunday, June 30th at noon. This year's team has had a fantastic start to the year, having made significant contributions in areas such as activism, research, journalism, advocacy, and writing. They have also been pioneers in their respective fields while remaining [Fucking Here] resilient and committed to their cause. Congratulations Miss Major Griffith, Dashawn Usher, and Raquel Willis on this well-deserved honor.

Post The News. Report OURS

Tee Arnold aka “Lagend Billions”

Another Transman Murdered.

Tee Arnold, a 36-year-old, Black Transman was killed in Hallandale Beach, Florida. Arnold, also known as “Lagend Billions” by friends and loved ones was gunned down and rushed to the hospital on April 3rd, 2024 but passed away four days later. The Cherries & Berries are (or so we think) searching for a female suspect, who is said to be an acquaintance.

Black Trans Man Shot to Death in Miami - Pittsburgh Lesbian Correspondents
Tee Arnold, 36, was also known as ‘Lagend Billions’ by friends and family A 36 year old trans man has died days after being shot in Hallandale Beach, Florida on April 3, 2024. He was rushed to the hospital where he died four days later. His name was Tee Arnold, he was also known as

Cecilia Gentili

52-year-old Antonio Venti And 44-year-old Michael Kuilan Sold Fentanyl-laced Heroin to Cecilia Gentili, Causing Her Death Back In February.

2 men charged with providing fentanyl-laced heroin that killed a prominent NYC transgender activist
Two men have been charged with providing the fentanyl-laced heroin that in February killed prominent New York City transgender activist Cecilia Gentili.

Righteous Torrence “TK” Hill

East Point Homicide Department Issued A Wanted Listing For Jaylen Hill In Connection To The Murder Of Chevy Righteous TK Hill.

Via East Point Facebook


Word On The Socials


Before Dawn Staley Led the Gamecocks To Win Against Iowa, She Said Trans Women Should Be Able To Play.

I’m under the opinion that if you’re a woman you should play, if you consider yourself a woman or vice versa, you should be able to play.

Via The State Youtube

Salute! Dawn Staley and congratulations to you and the South Carolina Gamecocks, the 2024 NCAA Champions. Women's sports deserve more attention in the media and not because of Trans issues. Experiences and challenges are important to be heard and seen from a woman's perspective, especially in sports. It's frustrating to see more coverage of certain teams like Iowa and less attention given to teams like South Carolina. On a related note, yall saw the new players added to the Chicago Sky?

I had to put a photo of it. But the overshadow is real with the centering and achievements of problematic white players' behavior just shows that when Black Girl Magic starts to magic, it must be met with foolish White Supremacy.

GLADD Media Award Nominee TransWorld Atlanta Returns for Season 2 With New Additions To Cast.

Via TransWorld Series IG

Taking Tubi and Amazon Prime Video by storm, TransWorld Atlanta returns for season 2 with some familiar faces. In season one, married couple Ja’Mel & Alphonso let us in on their introduction to gay fatherhood. Rahkel & Malik showed us how they navigate Christianity as a married hetero-trans couple. This is exciting, more of our stories are being told by us, and with this new cast, we are in for a treat.

Season 2 Cast

Yess huni, we will be introduced to five new dynamic cast members in season 2. Pictured above from L2RT2B: Media personality, Josiah | Gender nonconforming registered nurse, De’Lon | Transman model, A’Jay Love | Singer, songwriter, award-winning philanthropic activist, and author, Domonique Morgan | Rapper, activist, 2AM Ricky. Be sure to follow TransWorld on their socials to be updated on the release of season 2.

Via Trans Tech IG

Trans Tech Summit Bigger Than Ever In 2024.

The week leading to TDOV ( Trans Day of Visibility) was packed with an abundance of education, self-love, networking, and of course visibility. Trans Tech Social, a tech-focused, job-empowerment organization founded by Angelica Ross and currently under the direction of E.C. Pizarro III has done its big one this year. With just almost a thousand registered attendees, the Trans Tech Summit empowered the tech community bringing tech experts from many areas of the technical side of tech as well as the non-technical.

A standout moment was navigating the Trans Tech app for the conference. A very organized and streamlined experience for those of us on the go and or remote summit goers. This experience was accompanied by the daily Easter eggs and trivia which sparked competitiveness with a few prizes at stake; an iPad and 3D printer along with surprises for the graduating cohort of the organization’s GROW program (Google Certifications & Laptops).

Via Trans Tech IG
What other summit or conference that’s trans-led pays its presenters?
-E.C. Pizzarro III

With daily themes supporting the summit's main theme "Beyond the Code" and a strategic balance of sessions, summit goers were offered knowledge from various topics including public speaking, coding, entrepreneurship, and healing from our scars, you would leave feeling full from the summit’s virtual environment. I found myself having to straddle between a few sessions as two may have been of interest yet presenting in the same time slot but I could not be mad because the presenters were keeping us on point along with the live chat.

Trans Tech members could register for free as one of the many perks of being connected and by also engaging, you may have had lunch paid for (I missed it). This year was nothing short of trans community joy and I encourage you to check Trans Tech Social out ASAP.

If you missed this year’s summit be sure to follow Trans Tech Social for updates. Currently, the team is on Radical Rest and will return in full swing on May 1st.

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The Last Few Simulcast Seasons Brought My Anime Journey To Life.

As we are now rotating to a set of shows continuing from a previous season, I am pleased with my watch value owed to Bucchigiri and Solo Leveling. Both storylines keep you restless at night anticipating next week’s episode. I cannot forget about the artwork, coloring, style elements, and details, all of which I enjoy.

My Beautiful Twitch Community Gifted Me Frieren.

Captivated by a clip of a boss-ass-fight it was made clear to me I should have BEEN started watching- no, READING and watching this hidden gem. I figured I should read a few chapters and then see how the adaptation compares. I am curious to see how my experience enriches.

Wind Breaker is another gift but I may need to let this one cook a lil before I give it a full look. Dragon Raja I will not hold you I simply saw artwork and red hair and I was already hooked. I will also let his one cook and keep you posted.

If You Have Any Suggestions On Anime, Please Let Me Know.


Gaming Doesn’t Hit The Same, I Found A Way Back.

I went on a grind back in January to see if I could challenge myself to be consistent enough and become Twitch Affiliate... AND DID!

vn1tyXaffair Twitch Affiliate Letter 2024

I spent the majority of my time hours-on-end playing rounds of Gun Fight and mini-games in COD. I thought I would hate the experience but something about a T-Girl bodying transphobic cis men soothes my soul and nerves. I was also playing with folks who didn’t play about me. I met some great steamers and content creators along this journey.

Shout out to TransActiv the COD Trans Demon Queen. If it wasn’t for seeing her play COD, I would have just been out here still wondering… but now I know the GOWRLS get down in COD and the men seriously cannot take.

Via TransActiv Twitch

For the Spring & Summer I plan on playing the following pictured L2RT2B: FFXIV Online (Finishing Endwalker and preparing for Dawntrail), Dragons’s Dogma 2, Tekken 8, Gran Blue Fantasy Relink (Already beat on Twitch), Vampire The Masquerade: Blood Hunt, FF7 Rebirth (Maybe), Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League (If Snags doesn’t leave me hanging skssk I kid bro).

I still will keep DBD, COD, and GTA Online on deck in rotation to cleanse my palette. If you wanna squad up, catch one of my streams, and let's hang out.

Not Your Breakfast Club Podcast

Kyron Turner aka GaymerONE1 and The Ephemeral Ocean aka ”O” Are Two Queer Men With A Passion For The Art Of Gaming.

They come together to discuss what you choose not to discuss and I’m here for it. Check them out wherever you listen to podcasts—The One1 & O’nly Ga(Y)mers’ Podcast. Level up you GAB.

Hey Hey it is SHE, no she is her, No HER, Hope Giselle.

The gurl who says what everybody wants to hear but you won’t say, is back with: Can We Talk? .. With Hope Giselle. Listen wherever you listen to podcasts.

Via Apple Podcasts

Because They Need To See Us

Community Joy


Wizard Mom Doesn’t Believe In Forgiveness, Unless You Support Her TERF-Ness

JKKK Rowling has been popping up lately and I do not understand why must she continue to keep trans issues in her conversation. Every chance she gets to make a point against gender-affirming care she believes that is a win.. but it is not.

Via JK Rowling X

The reason behind this you ask?

Final Report – Cass Review

Although the Cass Review is highly criticized by UK health professionals and advocacy groups, Rowling stands on business backing this as her badge and armor to garner support. Us Trans folk just want Rowling to enjoy her coins and leave us out of her subject text, aka...

Gowrl, B.Q! 🤫

Caitlyn, Heaux Why Is You Here?

Every couple of months the Trans community is disturbed from drinking our water and minding the business that pays us. Disturbed by Caitlyn?! You may exclaim and scoff but hear me out, aunty-elder Jenner keeps the drama.

Trans folks like Caitlyn move in a way where the ripples they create do not affect them directly.

Caitlyn has been a strong advocate with the purpose of “protecting women” in sports by standing on anti-trans bills that would not allow Trans athletes to compete in sports aligned with who they are.

Yes. What in the Clarence Thomas is she doing?

All we know is the opps looking at us like is this you? and we are like nah but the sad reality is because of Caitlyn’s platform and privilege, folks will believe her sentiments and weaponize them in their flawed arguments on Trans people existing, de-transitioning and our need for basic human rights.

All we wanna know is:

Aka Gowrl, B.Q.!

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