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Libra Valentino has dedicated over twenty-two years in advocacy work

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Libra Valentino has dedicated over twenty-two years in advocacy work for the LGBTQIA+ community. She has facilitated spaces on the national level about transgender health, Black Trans empowerment, community equity as minorities, youth empowerment, and paying Black Trans Women. Her conversations have opened works of collaborative effort from Southern California, to DFW, to Wisconsin, DC, Atlanta, Florida & Connecticut.

Today, Libra works to bridge the gap in the tech field for Black Trans identities. She advises her local network of community-based health organizations on improving the quality of life for trans patients across Connecticut. And advocates awareness on biomedical trans health with NMAC (National Minority AIDS Council), facilitating spaces for USCHA (United States Conference on HIV and AIDS).

In her free time, Libra makes music, plays videogames with her bestie Oliver, and continues her tech education deeper into cyber security. Reporting what’s going on in the trans community from her dynamic lens through, “The Audacious Concern” Libra, strives to do her part in being a storyteller of Black Trans History. While making Black Trans History

I make music and if you're interested in that journey, you can follow me.

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The Audacious Concern by Libra Davis is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0